The Denturist Association of Canada is a member of the International Federation of Denturists. Membership of the International Federation of Denturists (IFD) consists of national Denturist organizations from around the world interested in providing a forum for the promotion of the profession. The objectives of the IFD are to:

  • Promote the development of federations or associations of Denturists in each country and political subdivision of each country to represent the views of Denturists to government and governmental authorities and agencies;
  • Promote the interest and general welfare of Denturists throughout the world;
  • Create and maintain favorable national and international climates within which Denturists can practice their profession;
  • Promote research in career training programs for Denturists;
  • Promote high educational standards, and develop a code of ethics for Denturists;
  • Collect statistical and other such information, and disseminate it to its members;
  • Conduct general promotional activities, including advertising and publicity on international and national levels;
  • Disseminate information of a general, economic, social, educational and governmental character and to secure and present the views of the members to other organizations, governmental agencies, legislatures and the public;
  • Promote the recognition and acceptance of the services provided by Denturists.

MEMBERSHIP in the Federation is limited to person and organizations interested in furthering the objects of the Federation and consist of anyone whose application for admission as a member has received the approval of the Board of Directors of the Federation. Annual fees are established by the Board of Directors. There are three classes of members in the Federation:

Active Members – any association or federation of Denturists organized on a national level in any country and which association or federation of Denturists has not less than five (5) Denturists as members. Each Active Member is entitled to one vote as meetings of members.

Associate Members – any person, firm or corporation who is engaged in practicing his/her profession as a Denturist in a country where there is neither any legislation governing the practice of Denturists, nor a national association or federation of Denturists. Associate Members are not entitled to vote at meetings of members; however their input to all discussions is anticipated.

Honorary members – from time to time as determined by the Board of Directors. Honorary members are not entitled to vote at meetings of members.

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS consists of one voting representative per member country. Associate Members and Honorary Members are invited to participate in discussions of the Board but may not vote. Officers (Executive Committee) of the Federation are elected from the Board of Directors to administer the day-to-day affairs of the Federation. Officers (Executive Committee) are comprised of:

  • President
  • Vice President - AustralAsiaAfrica
  • Vice President – Europe
  • Vice President – North America
  • Treasurer

In addition, there is a Chief Executive who is contracted to provide administrative and consultative services.






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